10 September 2007

First Day of Library 2.0

I have been a professional librarian for over 30 years and in that time have seen huge advances in the uses of technologies to improve access to information and service delivery. Conferences were traditionally the places to find out about new and forthcoming innovations, solve problems and see evidence of new applications. More than a decade ago we added the Internet to our "bag of tricks". It soon became the "highway" we all travel on to deliver our services. Now, with the advent of blogs, wikis, podcasts and videocasts the internet has also become the vehicle for real-time, on-going conferences. Due to people like Helene Blowers encouraging us to learn about and investigate these tools, we can "bring home" the new ideas much more immediately to share with our colleagues and library users.

Thanks to my library manager, Barry McGuren, for his foresight and enthusiasm in giving us such an exciting opportunity.


ECU Library Learning 2.0 said...

I like your comment as it sums up how a lot of us are thinking in libraries around the place. I will put a link to it in my blog this week, if that's OK.
I am JayGee http://jmcgblogging.blogspot.com/

working on the 23 Things at ECU where some of our staff (including me) have been in libraries for 30 years too!

Pictureman48 said...

The information bank seems limitless !

HeleneB said...

Hi Pat,

You're post dropped into my feeds today and I just had to respond and say "I completely agree" The web nows offers the opportunity for connection and sharing of ideas outside of conferences- it's perhaps the greatest benefit of these new open and free tools.

Happy Playing!!! Helene (www.librarybytes.com)

Megan said...

I agree with it all especially about your great boss.