25 September 2007

Further to Online Conferences

It's something that has often happened to me (and maybe to other reference librarians, too) that no sooner do I start to inquire about something that was previously off my radar, suddenly it pops up unexpectedly from all manner of sources. My comment in Week 1 about blogging as a form of online conferencing has just been answered by an interesting article in the latest issue of Searcher (via my EbscoHost journal alert):

Library Association 2.0.
by: Lankes, R. David.

Searcher, Sep2007, Vol. 15 Issue 8, p50-53, 4p

In this insightful article, David Lankes illustrates a vision of how Web 2.0 technology could be used by library associations to better support their members by enabling "participatory librarianship" in the daily work routine to link professionals together for collaborative outcomes.

More than ever - we are not alone!

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