27 November 2007

#21 Podcasts

Of the 3 directories listed I like the ease of use of the Podcast Directory best, and the categories were just right. (I particularly liked "Soliliquies - Soap Box & Rants"!)
I remember when I was young being joyously scared to death listening to suspense plays on the radio, so, just for fun, I checked out the Podcast Directory for 'radio thriller' . Lo and behold! I found "Thriller: Stories to keep you up all night" - not that I've had any problems with that lately with all the new ideas that this course has set spinning in my brain. On a more work-related note I found an interesting series of "City Talks" sponsored by the City of Sydney and have set up an RSS feed for them on this blog. These are similar to our own, Melbourne Conversations, which could possibly be aired in the same way. Certainly within our library service the use of podcasts and videos are already getting people humming with ideas. Podcasts would be particularly useful for delivering services to sight-handicapped users of our website: library announcements, new talking book lists, author readings, etc.

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