11 November 2007

#17 Playing with a Wiki

A few things have changed - for the better - with the PBwiki software used for the PLCMClearning Wiki. The instructions given for adding my blog and for editing pages have altered since Learning 2.0 was created so it took me several mistakes before I realised that the editing functions had been streamlined. I worked it out in the end. So if you are reading this before doing exercise #17, ignore the instructions about putting URLs and titles in brackets. Just edit as you would in your own blog. It's nice to see that level of standardisation filtering across the social networking side of the internet. It makes it so much easier to add one's 2-cents worth!

1 comment:

Polyxena said...

Thanks for that hint, Pat. I will bear that in mind as I am just about to do that task. I think some of our staff posted similar comments.