05 November 2007

#14 Technorati Travels

On Technorati I searched, as suggested, for information on "Learning 2.0" Australia libraries. I further limited the search by Authority to "a lot of authority" which resulted in one listing:
2007 Survey of the Biblioblogosphere: Demographics By Meredith Farkas | September 4, 2007

This led me to her related post: "Online learning and its impact on public libraries".

From these readings I can see that public libraries have a huge future on the internet. Also that our current interlibrary loan practices have the potential to receive a massive boost in usage and in importance among the services we currently offer. It will be interesting to see what impact this increased demand will have on the use of physical materials that have not been digitally converted. My public library puts a great emphasis on lifelong learning and is heavily used by students – of all ages. The internet has increased awareness of the availability of resources in such novel ways such as LibraryThing and interactive blogs that it is bound to have an impact on our approach to service delivery (I will soon find out more in my next step in Learning 2.0).

Comments about online learning posted only a couple of weeks ago, pointed out the necessity for academic and public libraries to form partnerships to better meet the needs of all students. This is fascinating reading as you can see action taking place right before your eyes!

Back at my initial search I broadened the setting to “Some authority” which resulted in comments made by Stephen Abram about his recent visit to Australia – and Melbourne – to see the Learning 2.0 statewide program in action. I wasn’t able to attend his talk so I’m grateful that he made links to his presentation available.

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