13 October 2007

#10 Playtime with Image Generators

The rumour that's flying around is that John Howard will announce the date of the next election sometime this weekend. So it seemed perfectly reasonable to consult the "Bizarre Rumour Generator" that I found on the Generator Blog. It took a few goes, (because this generator is truly bizarre!), but eventually it created:

Merely twenty minutes ago, John Howard skillfully was mistaken for 3.14 screaming children.

Now this was a rumour that even I could believe! We'll have to wait and see if the other one is for real.

In Flickr Toys I selected the Motivator and made a poster from one of my photos:

eLouai provided the Harry Potter Doll Generator that enabled me to create this avatar:

I have no idea what Harry Potter character this has morphed from. Obviously not Hagrid!!

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