16 October 2007

#12 RollYo search for Grey Power

Now isn't this the tool I've been needing for so long! What a great way to focus searching to the most reliable sources.
Since ALL of us are growing older (not just us Baby Boomers) the question of how we want to live our lives in 10, 20 or 30 years from now is one that most city governments grapple with on a daily basis. Working for a municipal library, I have often had queries from our council staff about access, design, strategic planning and policy research for our ageing population. There is a lot of excellent research taking place and some wonderful internet resources like Ageline, DocuTicker, Intute and Australian Policy Online that help connect us to it. I have grouped my favourite resources together into a search engine I've named Grey Power and added the search box to the sidebar. Give it a try with this search example: technology "older people" to give you an idea of the range of excellent ideas at work in the world.

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