14 October 2007

#11 LibraryThing is very addictive

This was almost like getting lost in a secondhand bookshop! I could spend days and days here! I particularly like the suggested reading recommendations that it offers when searching either an author or a book title. This could be very useful for reader advisory.

I've set up my LibraryThing catalogue using my InfoSleuth handle. There's also a search box you can try over on the right sidebar. Input "photography", "travel", or "crime" and you can see some of the ~25 titles I've added. These represent some of my own home library, but I intend to continue to use LibraryThing mainly to document my reading which is supported by my work library more so than my home library.

The Librarians Who LibraryThing group is a terrific social network. I've joined that one and the one for Crime, Thrillers and Mysteries where I couldn't resist making a suggestion for a Michael Connelly fan.

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